Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shiny unexpectedness!

Ok, I probably should read the manuals from time to time.. but it's just so much more fun not to ;-) After all is a device really all that usable if you have to keep referring to a virtual bit of paper helpfully shipped on a cdrom along with the lump of electronics & plastic that arrived here on a boat from china?

But I digress.. today I got round to picking up a mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter to enable me to connect the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 to a tv via HDMI rather than composite video. At least then I wont feel like Im staring at 40 inches of smeary blurryness when I'm viewing them via family tv's etc.

Plugged it all together, and up came a nice 1080i user interface, did the normal 'sit far too close to the large screen due to being tethered to it by the video cable so you can use the camera controls to move to the next picture' when I noticed 2 extra controls listed at the bottom of the UI. 'Red' & 'Green'. Odd, the only red button on the camera is the record button, and there's nothing green on it at all.

Slowly it dawned on me that there were Red and Green buttons on the TV remote.. surely this camera wasnt thinking.. it was.. omg.. I mean I know HDMI can carry control as well as A/V, and about HDMI-CEC etc, I just didnt expect to see it, in a camera.

So now I can sit on the sofa like a normal couch potato & control the slideshow from there with the TV remote.. Nice.

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