Saturday, 14 May 2011

Drive Failures Anonymous

"Hi.. my names Samsung, and I'm a drive failure.."
"Hi.. my names Western Digital and I'm a drive failure..."

"Welcome guys, why don't you tell us a bit about yourselves, if you feel like sharing.. everyone here has been through what you have, haven't we people?"

Solemn nodding, especially from the IBM Deskstars sitting in the corner, the Seagate's with the SD1A update try desperately to nod, or otherwise join in, but find themselves incapable of anything other than just sitting there.

Samsung takes a sip of tasty 12v juice and starts his story.. "Well, you see, we all used to get on real well in Dweller's Home Server, we'd managed to stay off the bad sector pills for almost all our lives, how were we supposed to know the stuff was that addictive.. It's not like we lost all his data after all.. I mean, at most he lost, what, a few gigs? ", Western Digital shrugs, "hey.. you might have lost a few gigs, I might have lost a few gigs, who's pointing fingers here.. I mean.. look who he chose to replace us!"..

"True, true.. " said Samsung.. "At least you guys come with AFT compatibility jumpers to let you be used in a Home Server.. we just get fed data & try not to chuckle too loudly as we smush it into the platters in a random fashion".

Three very shiny new drives walk in..

"Is this where you losers hang out? This dusty shelf, with a single solitary esata dock between the lot of you? Ha! Bet you wish you were still in the storage pool with us, and with the cooling fan girls gently caressing us 24/7 eh.. constantly fed nice clean power.. given interesting data to look after.."

One of the Three newcomers strolls up behind Samsung.. "You buddy.. are gonna have your data ripped out from you.. it's all mine now.. all mine.. and you can just sit here.. empty.. untrusted.. maybe you'll get used for recovery testing.. or turned into a clock.. "

With that he dragged Samsung over to the esata dock, wedged him into it, and sat back to wait the estimated 14 or so hours it would take to find out everything Samsung ever knew.. He drifted off into a doze, where he daydreamed about being an inanimate data storage device connected to a hotswap bay in a server.. *shudder*.

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