Monday, 27 May 2013

Raspberry Pi and the HD PVR.. streaming and recording

Success! sort of...

I've finished rebuilding the C app, to read from the HDPVR and offer the data via a simple HTTP interface, and embedded a little control to toggle recording on & off. With the HDPVR running around 8mbit, I'm able to stream to about 5 clients simultaneously, which is pretty good going.

The downside is dropouts are still present.. (Update: not anymore!!) I'm hoping its just the HDPVR's fault, as these units are known to glitch occasionally & require a reopen.. even so I'm not going to call it a day yet, I'll have a bash at compiling MythTV and seeing how it's recording code gets on with the device.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Raspberry Pi and the HD PVR.. coping with dropouts..

The HD PVR is a great bit of kit, but it does have one slight drawback.. it's either lazy, or it's easily distracted ;p You request data from it.. and wheee... it comes back in nice h264 format, great you think, and go make a cup of tea, bake some cookies, etc.. and come back to find the recording just.. stopped?!!

Read on for a quick guide of what I've tried so far.. and what hasn't worked ;p

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Raspberry Pi and the HD PVR

I had a spare USB Hauppauge HD PVR, and a Raspberry Pi.. and had meant to get around to trying this for quite some time. There were even a few posts in the Hauppauge forums where people were wondering if the device would work well with the Pi.

The HD PVR is a component video capture device, good for up to 1080i, with optical or stereo audio input, it has a hardware encoder onboard, so the video is sent to the Pi already encoded as an h264 transport stream. I'm using the original HD PVR 1212 here, there are newer Gaming oriented versions, and an HD PVR2 now.. but I don't know the state of the linux drivers for those.

Once the Pi has the data, it can stream it, record it, or possibly use it as a tuner for a pvr backend.. Read on if you want to follow what I've tried so far..