Wednesday, 13 August 2014

1 year.. no updates.. eek..

So I sign in today, to be greeted by Blogspot telling me I've been awol for an entire year. Zoinks!

While I'd like to claim I was kidnapped by aliens who needed a lot of floppy disks read, the truth is sadly less impressive.. I've been kidnapped by Canadians who want to learn how to pronounce 'soldering' correctly. Well, almost, I've emigrated to Canada, which is in no small part the reason for the lack of postings.

The good news is things are now settling down here, and I'm hoping soon to get back into working on the Pi+HD PVR code, and have a play around with some new shinies acquired this side of the pond.

Expect normal infrequent blog updates to resume in the nearish future!!


  1. Did you ever get any where with this? It was looking promising!

  2. Heh.. Not so much.. I moved onto looking at other bits & bobs, never did get round to setting up a pi with hd pvr tho.. did get one of the little hdmi multicast widgets tho.. they are fun ;p One day I'll get back to this.. I think I really need to start with a decent ring buffer.. and mebbe integrating it to tv-headend.. I'd made half a start on that before I emigrated =)